We warmly welcome you in our newly renovated holiday home „Bochmann Cottage“ in Zalaszántó, Hungary. Our location is pleasant village, but not remote.

Here there are several shops (one about 100 m), a restaurant „Turul Vendéglő“ (about 100 m), a bistro (about 70 m), doctor, pharmacy, bank and post office as well as tourist features, such as a watermill , the stupa and the church. More detailed information can be found at www.zalaszanto.hu

Zalaszántó is a romantic wine village near the famous Spa Heviz (15 km) with its world’s largest natural thermal lake and Keszthely (18 km) on the western shore of Lake Balaton.

Our house is about 85 m² in size, consists of 2 bedrooms, 1 living room, kitchen, bathroom with toilet, small terrace and storage room.The accommodation can comfortably accommodate 4 people. It can stay through extra beds up to 8 people. It is heated with electric heaters
and in addition there are 2 stoves for solid fuels.
It can stay through extra beds up to 8 people. It is heated by electric heaters and 2 solid fuel stoves. The house has 2 TVs with German TV channels. A TV is located in the large bedroom.
The accommodation has free internet (WiFi / WiFi) and parking for your vehicles on the property.

  • great bed room

Immediately around the house is the small garden, which is closed by a gate to the sidewalk of the village street. Here you enter the house and park your vehicles in this garden. In this garden there are 3 areas with garden furniture on the lawn, under the newly created wine pergola and in the sheltered area in front of the kitchen window. Furthermore, you can have breakfast on the covered terrace in front of the entrance area or end the evening.

  • small garden

Separated by a gate, one arrives from the small garden in the large garden, on a park-like created area with old trees and orchard, which once served the count family Festetics as a weekend seat. A brook bounds our property.

  • great garden

In Heviz you can swim all year in the lake, which has 22 ° C through the thermal springs, even in the dead of winter (in summer about 35-38 ° C). Here are extensive spa treatments (www.spaheviz.hu) performed. Furthermore, Heviz is extremely popular through good and inexpensive dental treatments (such as implants) and plastic surgery.
In Keszthely is the nearest beach to Lake Balaton. Here is also the third largest and most visited castle in Hungary. This was built by the famous count family Festetics.

In Sümeg there is the famous castle with adventure park, where the Middle Ages, e.g. can experience through jousting.
In all 3 cities you can go shopping and the local gastronomy invites you to linger.
There are also opportunities for hunters, anglers and athletes to pursue their hobbies.

  • Balaton